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If you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond this video was created specifically for you.

If you or a loved one is suffering any of the following symptoms… or if you’re simply worried how you’ll deal with them if it’s your turn next – then do not skip this video:

We accept these illnesses – and the hospitals, drugs, treatments that accompany them –  as a part of ‘growing old’. But scientists already know that ‘growing old’ has absolutely nothing to do with these illnesses.

In fact, they now understand the cause-and-effect for all these chronic symptoms. Better still, there is a single, simple way to turn these chronic illnesses into a distant memory.

So whether you’re ill, slightly ill – or just worried about getting ill in the future… your future is in your hands.

Watch this video and you will know more about illness, how it starts and how it ends than anybody else that you know.

And that includes your doctor.

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

In the west today the illnesses that plague us – and, in many cases, end us – fall into two broad categories.

The dangerous, often fatal issues – which include cardiovascular health, high blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney and liver problems…

…and the ongoing, ever-present health issues that rarely kill but which bring pain, discomfort and worry to millions of westerners.

The symptoms are familiar: persistent aches in joints or in the body… stomach and bowel problems, skin conditions, constant tiredness, low moods… forgetfulness, confusion… irritability and low mood.

And a general sense that things simply aren’t ‘right’, healthwise.

Both categories of health issues have one thing in common

They prove to be almost 100% resistant to anything standard medical science throws at them.

Doctors advise patients to stop smoking, to get more sleep, drink less alcohol,  lose weight, exercise, eat a healthy diet, get a hobby… the usual.

For the more dangerous diseases they may put you through an intense regime of drugs, treatments and checks.

Doctors mean well but they’re more or less just managing things, hoping to stop it from getting much worse. They’re containing it, knowing for sure they can’t actually undo the illness.

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or older then the chances are very high indeed that you’ll find yourself with one or both categories of illness. 

Assuming you’re not already there.

They can’t make them go away because they have no clue what causes any of them.

If you don’t know what starts off a disease then how do you meaningfully treat it?

Doctors sometimes can’t even diagnose the problem – much less remedy it.

Which means they don’t always believe there’s an illness there at all.

However, stay with me here.

Because all these symptoms have something else in common.

Something that has stunned the scientific community – and which has already changed the health of thousands of the most ill people in North America.

And that’s what I’m going to tell you about now.

After decades of not knowing how any of these diseases actually arise in the first place… after trillions of dollars spent on drugs and treatments that simply tinker with symptoms…

…medical scientists finally have a grip on the underlying cause of all these conditions.

And this is the incredible thing: there is just one cause.

Even though the symptoms are wildly different they all have, at their origin, the same cause… the same illness mechanism.

Doctors tackle each symptom individually – which makes some sense. But those treatments manage your illness – they don’t rid you of it.

But this is now changing. In fact, for thousands of people it already has changed.

For them the conditions I’ve mentioned are just memories, illnesses that used to drag their lives down but which no longer do.

If you – or a person you care about – has any of these illnesses then you’re going to want to know about this.

Because people have addressed that single cause in a deceptively straightforward way that involves no drugs or doctors or any kind of medical expense. And I’d like to show you how they did it.

Before I do, let me list the kind of symptoms we’re talking about here. Everything I say from this moment on is about the following kinds of symptoms:

Kidney and liver problems

Cardiovascular health issues

Pain and immobility in the joints

Generalized aching and soreness

Irritable bowels, bloating, gas, heartburn

Underactive or overactive thyroid

Tiredness, ongoing fatigue, loss of drive

Low mood, listlessness, unexplained lack of contentment

Problems getting to sleep – or staying asleep

Irritation, short temper, mental confusion

Despite the array and variety of these health issues… despite there being hundreds of symptoms… the whole house of cards rests on a very, very simple illness mechanism.

We understand that mechanism now. And that’s resulting in startling, almost miraculous outcomes for illnesses like these.

Scientists in the US, Europe and throughout the world have identified the steps that lead to the most deadly, persistent and unpleasant health conditions – like all those I just listed.

And all paths lead back to one, single root cause.

While Big Pharma spends billions of dollars per year creating complex, cripplingly expensive treatments that manage disease… medical scientists across the world have now found that effective remedies to some of the West’s most serious health issues are just a diet-change away.

Yes, a small – possibly barely noticeable – change in some of the things we eat undoes huge, life-altering conditions within our bodies.

The small effect of that food is escalating over time throughout our bodies in a way that scientists finally understand. And it’s causing all the life-altering conditions I just described.

Now, before scoffing and wondering how changing a shopping list can save lives keep this in mind:

Most people who were once ill – but who have addressed this illness mechanism head-on – are significantly more healthy than people who simply accept their doctors’ soothing words and repeat prescriptions.

Specific, small-scale alterations to their diet mean they’ll live longer than they could otherwise have expected.

And they’ll do it without the never-ending conditions that everyone else around them will suffer as they reach their 40s, 50s and beyond.

I know that’s a bold statement. But this is your life we’re talking about. So I won’t pull punches on this.

Modern medicine reacts to health problems. It treats symptoms. It doesn’t try to fix those diseases because it doesn’t know how they came about in the first place.

So nobody in the medical profession even hopes they can reverse the illness their patient is suffering from  because they’re not even trying to do that. They’re simply managing things.

The big question in medical science has always been, How do these illnesses actually start in the first place? What is their initial cause?

What is the first step in the path from good health to dangerous or lasting illness?

Remember: illness doesn’t ‘just happen’. It isn’t ‘old age’. It’s caused. Until recently we flat out have had no clue about that cause.

We understand every step in disease except that first, initial cause. If we knew what that initial cause was then we’d know how illness started – we’d have the full picture.

And knowing all the steps from that very first cause – when we were healthy – to the end disease would mean we have a step-by-step process for returning the body from illness to its pre-disease state.

Well, that first step on the path to illness is now known.

And because of this, thousands of people across the world aren’t sitting helplessly while their health deteriorates. They’re not passive in the face of their illness. Instead, they’ve walked those steps back into health. 

And I know this only too well. I’ve personally shown hundreds of people the steps back to full and vibrant good health. I’ve watched them do it. It’s deeply satisfying – and very moving.

With the steps back to health now mapped out we can almost literally just undo what we originally did to get ill in the first place.

I’ll be blunt though: it takes a little time. You might feel some difference after a day or two. Or it may take a week or so for you to notice a start to a complete turnaround.

If you or a loved one have any of the symptoms we mentioned earlier then this next bit is going to change what you do about that condition.

Many of the symptoms already discussed are now an option. If you have them you can choose not to have them.

And, if you don’t have them now, you can choose to never get them ever.

Doctors have always had an incomplete view of disease.

They knew it was incomplete. They realized it was unsatisfactory. But it’s the best they had. And it’s this:

Your immune system is flooding your body with inflammatory agents – and we didn’t know why.

This inflammation attacks tissues and organs throughout your body.

The damage is slight – but it accumulates over years causing your body mounting problems

Eventually the body starts to fail – leading to any combination of the symptoms listed earlier

Which part of a person’s body will fail differs between people. The inflammation is attacking everywhere. Genetics or specific lifestyle circumstances decide on what will fail first.

But, in the end, something gives way. It always does.

This description of disease is known, proved and accepted worldwide. It’s not controversial.

But it contains a serious flaw – one that all doctors and medical scientists are all too aware of.

We accept that a malfunctioning immune system floods the body with inflammatory agents that, eventually, lead to all kinds of nasty symptoms.

But we haven’t been able to explain the cause of that malfunctioning immune system. What causes all that body-wide inflammation?

Why does the immune system go so drastically wrong for so many millions of adults?

If we can stop that initial step – the one that causes that malfunctioning immune system – then the disaster that follows that initial step simply can’t happen.

Take away that first step and we can’t actually get ill in the first place.

And if we’re already ill then, again –  cut off that first step… and the source of the illness is gone. You can’t stay ill if the cause of the illness has gone.

What we need is the ‘off’ switch for our symptoms. Find that, and everything else falls into place.

Illness in the heart, the kidneys, the liver.

Pain in the joints or the body. Headaches or dizziness.

Problems with thinking and remembering. Stomach bloating or gas. Low energy and fatigue.

High blood pressure. High blood sugars. Low moods… Trouble sleeping.

Millions of men and women throughout the world struggle with some version of these every day.

Doctors manage their symptoms… but the patient stays ill.

Doctors sometimes suppress the immune system to reduce the flow of inflammation into the bloodstream.

But this is only ever a temporary relief.

Suppress the immune system and you’re now a candidate for any and every infection that comes your way. It’s only a matter of time before you catch something that’s very, very nasty.

These conditions unavoidably get worse over time, no matter what doctors do.

Because the inflammation that started damaging organs and tissues in the first place carries on doing its damage.

And drugs prescribed to deal with worsening symptoms come with their own side-effects. Too often, the side-effects are not a price worth paying for whatever relief the drug itself may offer.

All this would be very depressing…if these were still your only options. Until recently, they were your only options. But not any more. Now, there are choices.

The missing piece – the answer to why does the immune system go wrong in the first place –  has been found.

And so we finally have what medical scientists have spent decades searching for: the cause of illness… our disease ‘on/off’ switch.

Your disease ‘on/off switch’ is what starts off the dysfunctional immune system that sends inflammation all round your body, attacking tissues and organs as it does so.

And your disease ‘on/off’ switch is in your gut.

The starting point of your journey into most relentless diseases and many dangerous – or fatal – ones begins there in the gut.

A hundred research papers and dozens of real-life experiments across thousands of humans have shown beyond any doubt that dysfunctional immune systems begin right there.

And what has been shown now – thousands and thousands of times now – is that if disease is addressed at this start point…. it simply disappears.

The gut is your disease on/off switch.

But why the gut, of all places?

Here’s why. Just about every human being is sensitive to at least one type of food.

For any individual – you and me included – there are one or two foods we could eat that are going to cause a far-reaching problem within our guts.

I’m not talking about an innocent stomach upset. Or some harmless gas.

I’m talking about a food that prompts the immune system to say, No thanks… and so spark off an immune reaction within the gut.

For complex reasons, the immune system sees that particular food not as nutrition but as an invader.

So it does what immune systems do: it attacks it, creating inflammation wherever in the gut that food happens to be.

As soon as your immune system reacts to that particular food in your gut… you’ve just activated your disease ‘on’ switch.

Keep eating that particular food type and your immune system will keep attacking it. Unfortunately the inflammation it uses to attack the food also attacks the surrounding gut lining.

And this is the key to your disease ‘on’ switch.

Because that inflammation starts to wear away the tight junctions that seal your gut. And now we’re in trouble.

These junctions keep food safely inside your gut.

They also ensure the trillions of bacteria that live naturally in the human gut stay in the gut. But as the junctions start to wear down they lose their ability to keep things properly sealed.

Which allows food particles and bacteria traces to leak out of the gut and into the bloodstream… and that’s when all heck breaks loose.

Because none of this should be in your bloodstream. Your immune system sees these food particles and bacteria as invaders – this time within the bloodstream itself. And, once again, it goes into fight mode.

The action of the immune system sends inflammatory agents to wherever in your bloodstream these particles are found.

The problem is that your blood gets everywhere, so those food and bacteria particles get everywhere – so the inflammation occurs everywhere.

Brain, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas… glands, joints, muscles, bones… there’s nowhere your blood doesn’t go. And those particles – and the inflammation that’s attacking them – is going there with it.

You get ill because as well as attacking its target – the food and bacteria particles – the inflammation unavoidably damages surrounding tissues and organs throughout the body.

This can – and does – go on for many years before any actual symptoms show up.

Inflammatory agents cause small but ongoing damage to tissues throughout your entire body.

Eventually parts of you will weaken to the point that they become ill.

And that illness will start with any of the diverse symptoms we spoke about earlier. Regular, ongoing symptoms of pain, discomfort and unhappiness that doctors can’t diagnose – and their drugs can’t comfort.

Your disease switch is ‘on’ – and your doctor can’t tell you why.

It’s now confirmed beyond any doubt.

It’s the presence of a particular food – or foods – in the gut that provokes the immune system…

that creates microscopic leaks in the gut wall…

that leaks out food and bacteria particles into the bloodstream…

that are attacked everywhere by the immune system’s inflammatory agents…

which inevitably and unavoidably also attack body tissues and organs everywhere.

That first step in the journey towards illness – the food in the gut that first triggers the immune system which leads to leaks in the gut walls – is known as a food sensitivity.

When an ordinary food is regularly attacked in the gut by our immune system that’s called a ‘food sensitivity’.

Your immune system is saying, ‘No thanks’ to that type of food.

Your sensitivity to that food will trigger your immune system to act against it within the gut.

The inflammation it causes creates tiny breaches in the gut…through which food particles and bacteria start to leak into the bloodstream…

And you already know how that’s going to end.

These are the steps to illness and disease. They are logical, sequential and proven. A leaking gut lining followed by body-wide inflammation puts you on a path to inevitable tissue and organ damage.

This is how it works and this is how you are – or will – get ill.

Undoing that health issue  is the reversing of those same logical, sequential steps. And now we know what those steps are, that’s what we do.

Once we identify the food that is causing all the problems we can stop eating it.

Once it has healed the leakage of food particles and gut bacteria into the bloodstream finally stops.

It’s like turning off a tap. Except rather than switching off water-flow we’re turning off the flow of food particles into the bloodstream… which means the immune system has nothing to attack. This is your disease ‘off’ switch.

That inflammation is no longer running rampant throughout your body… so your organs and tissues have the time and space they need to recover their proper function. 

And as they repair themselves… the disease caused by being so damaged simply can no longer exist.

There’s no disease without cause. And now there’s no cause.

Kidney, liver and heart problems… these often deadly issues are directly linked to the ongoing body-wide inflammation we’ve been discussing.

Same with high blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugars, cholesterol build-up, thyroid issues…

And so with repeated stomach cramps, bloating and gas… unexplained body aches, headaches and joint pain… skin conditions, obesity… all of them must have a reason to actually start.

And they start with us eating food that provokes our immune system within the gut.

And right now you’re either ill – or you realize it’s inevitable that you will be.

The thing is, which food is the source of your food sensitivity is largely specific to the individual.

You’ll have seen this yourself: one person eats pizza and pasta without bad effect… another only has to look at a pizza and they get stomach pains and tiredness.

Of course, pasta is the source of only one potential food sensitivity. There are over 170 sensitivities! At least one of them is yours – possibly more than one.

How illness will progress for you – and which other conditions you will pick up over time – is also personal to the individual. It depends mostly on lifestyle and genetic factors.

But that you will get ill is not in doubt. That inflammation attacks everywhere. Eventually, your body starts giving up. 

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health states that over 130 million Americans suffer from at least one of the ever-present, lifelong health issues that we’re discussing here. Tragically, being ill with avoidable diseases has become so normal that we’ve lost sight of the fact that they are avoidable…

We simply have to stop eating the food that causes the gut leak that causes the widespread inflammation that causes the health problems…

I know how good health is restored. I’ve not only seen it happen.

My name is Scott Davis and it’s my business to know all this.

For 4 years I studied medicine. But I gradually realized that if I were to practice medicine in the way that your doctor does then all I’d ever do for you – at best – is help you manage your condition.

Too often, you’d get slowly more ill, right before my eyes.

No thanks. That wasn’t going to be my life’s work.

Many medical students already know that natural health experts are getting real, long-term results in so many health areas that standard medicine seems helpless to address.

Now I’m a bit of a sceptic to be honest. Mostly, I go with the mainstream rather than the ‘alternatives’.

But I’m not stupid either. If it’s working before my eyes then I’m not going to ignore it.

A long story short, I dropped my medical studies. I began studying the work of health scientists whose disease research was filling in the disease jigsaw puzzle…  and the natural health experts who used this research to achieve jaw-dropping health results.

My investigations took me across the world. At a health conference in London I met people who had ended all symptoms that, typically, were considered lifelong. They never expected to be able to come off their meds.

I met similar people in Sweden and Germany – lots of cases of ongoing, life-denying symptoms – where addressing food sensitivities had unwound the whole thing and given them back the healthfulness they had long given up hope for.

Back in the US I found out that none of this was unusual. Patients who addressed their food sensitivities were melting away symptoms in ways that standard medical treatments were barely affecting at all.

It looks incredible when you first see it.

But recall what I said earlier about the path from good health to bad health.

It’s made up of simple, scientifically understood steps. Nothing more, nothing less.

Instead of tinkering with the surface of the problem we’re going directly for the source of the problem. Back to where it all started to go wrong.

Remember also that your body continually strives to be well. It doesn’t simply accept illness. It wants to work as best as it possibly can. 

If it’s continually struggling against a food habit then it’ll lose in the end. But switch off those habits and you’ve given your body the freedom it needs to achieve what it always tries to do – make you fit and well again.

Despite the hundreds of research papers I had read that told me to expect these outcomes I still found it astonishing at first. But I was seeing this with my own eyes.

I saw clients with high – and increasing – blood sugars gradually come off their meds because their perplexed doctors were watching their symptoms just disappear.

I’ve witnessed cardiovascular conditions ‘heal themselves’ (as one of my clients’ own doctors put it) simply because the sufferer switched off the flow of inflammation that was attacking the heart in the first place.

People have come to me with symptoms their doctors could not diagnose: pains in their joints and body, relentless fatigue, low moods, mental confusion, terrible sleep, bad skin, weight problems, irritability, anxiety and short-temper…

They’re undiagnosed because doctors aren’t looking to food sensitivity as a cause.

Some of my most ill clients – people already heavily medicated for pancreas, kidney, heart and liver disorders – were the most skeptical at first.

It didn’t seem believable that a small diet change could tackle such a huge problem. I really do understand that.

But don’t lose sight of how this is working. A food sensitivity is small – but it’s the seed for an optimal health.

It’s a small effect that turns into a huge one. Look at an acorn. Can you honestly believe that such a small thing turns into an oak tree?

That initial sensitivity in the gut is like the acorn. It leads to small leaks in the gut wall – a minor problem you won’t even notice.

But then the food and bacteria particles that leak into your bloodstream lead to a overactive immune system and body-wide inflammation.

That’s a much bigger problem – but, again, one that often takes years to affect you (which is why you only get really ill after your 40s).

The harm that this inflammation does to your body is the biggest problem. This is damage you feel, this is damage that affects your life and, for about a million adults a year, this is damage that kills.

Do you see how each step escalates from the previous one?

A food sensitivity seems so small and meaningless… but its effects accumulate over time until you find yourself ill – or very ill.

Remember: disease doesn’t just happen. It has a cause. And ‘old age’ is not the cause.

The food sensitivity is what starts it all off.

The only contribution that ‘age’ makes to the equation is that it takes years for disease to develop.

By the time you reach 40 you’ve been creating low-level, but ever-increasing inflammation in your body for long enough that its effects are now being felt. 

Every year after 40 just piles on the pressure, causing your body to struggle on against increasingly mounting odds.

But it’s that food that’s doing it. Get rid of that food and everything bad disappears along with it.

My job is to get your gut in good condition. A healthy gut makes healthy bodies.

In my face-to-face practice, I can only work with small groups.

But if a million Americans a year die of the condition that I specifically work with… and over 130 million more suffer endless ongoing symptoms that their doctors simply can’t budge… then a few at a time isn’t nearly good enough.

So I have combined into a single, comprehensive strategy everything I do with people on a face-to-face basis.

What they do you can do too.

And the results they get… are the results that you can have as well.

My program is called The Ultimate Healing Protocol. I can email it to you right now.

It’s fascinating stuff – but you can skip it if you’re in a hurry to get started. .

But you must read the rest of the Protocol.

Because this explains exactly how other people are restoring sick, malfunctioning bodies back to the health and vitality they enjoyed when they were young. It explains

This Protocol is completely natural and requires no drugs, doctors or procedures.

You may need to cut out only one single type of food – and that may well be a temporary move. Many people reintroduce that food in small doses once their symptoms are clear.

Today, knowledge is king.

You already know that the gap in health outcomes used to come about from differences in wealth. If you had more money, you could get better care. Wealthier people lived longer than poorer people.

That’s not how it is anymore. Today, health inequalities come about from differences in knowledge.

Those who know how illness works will tackle their health conditions and restore themselves to full health. They’ll be able to avoid getting ill in the first place.

And it won’t cost them a single extra penny to achieve this.

Those who don’t know will be as vulnerable to relentless, unfixable disease as they ever were.

Big Pharma will sell them drugs that alleviate some of their symptoms. But they’ll stay ill and, over time, they’ll get worse.

Their money won’t save them.

Because the gap today is no longer between the haves and have-nots but the knowing and the know-nots.

You’re now one of those who knows. The world is catching up. But you’re ahead of the game.

If you – or a loved one – suffers any of the symptoms described then your struggle can soon be over.

Nobody has to suffer this anymore. Being healthy or being ill… they’re both now an option. Now you can choose.

If you’ve grown thoroughly tired of the ‘ill’ option I can help you in exactly the same way I help clients up and down the country.

The Ultimate Healing Protocol shows you how to accurately identify your specific food sensitivity so that you can eliminate it. This proven method tells you exactly what it is that is making you ill.

The pain, the discomfort, the anxiety, the cost… and the sheer inconvenience of being ill just isn’t necessary anymore. Medical science makes many new discoveries… but this is the big one.

And you can make full use of it today.

I didn’t invent this Protocol. Science did. Then researchers proved it. And thousands of people have been transformed by it.

So I can personally guarantee this program. If, any time within 60 days after ordering, you haven’t noticed a dramatic improvement in your own health then I will give you your money back. All of it.

Get The Ultimate Healing Protocol for yourself right now and you’ll see why I have 100% confidence in it.

What gets treated can improve.

What’s ignored… gets gradually worse. That bodywide inflammation continues to attack tissues and organs. If you don’t switch it off you can only get more ill.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Take the same walk back to physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing that thousands of people have already taken.

Retrace the steps that made you ill in the first place. And watch what happens to every single one of those symptoms when you do.

The Ultimate Healing Protocol is fully guaranteed. Let it do its magic for you – starting now. Click here and order your copy – it’ll be with you in minutes…

Until you fix that leaking gut the assault on your tissues and organs will not end.

It’s a 24-hour-a-day attack and with each passing day your body weakens a tiny bit.

There is such a thing as ‘too late’. There is a point at which organ damage cannot be reversed.

If you have even a whisper of the symptoms we’ve been discussing then now is the time to act.

Don’t look back 6 months from now and wish you’d acted sooner. We know how to comprehensively address what’s wrong… and now is the time. You’re 3 minutes away from turning it all around.

You can have The Ultimate Healing Protocol in about 3 minutes. Click now and I’ll send it to you. 

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The Ultimate Healing Protocol cb | Blue Heron Health News is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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